The Road Is A Long One

I have always been a firm believer in surrounding yourself with positive people. In doing so, will influence you and your loved ones to be happier and healthier. Your mindset, believe it or not has a HUGE impact on your life. Positive mindset=goals reached!! No matter what the goal is, running a marathon, going to the gym two times a week, starting a new diet, or going for a walk 3 times a week we must be in the right state of mind and be surrounded by good positive vibes for us to be accountable and keep on track.

There will ALWAYS be road blocks and bumps along the way. Weather its a injury, a vacation or just couldn’t make it into the gym for a week or 2. When these things happen, (they will) you need to remind yourself why you started and find that motivation to get your butt back in there and keep putting in the work. Getting back on track and remembering that the road is long is important. It is never too late to get back on track or to start something new, that in your heart you know will make you better.

I am not saying you have to devote each and every waking hour of every day to these goals and your life. You still have to enjoy life. Go out with friends, have a glass of wine, eat that pizza slice, drink that beer, have that piece of cake, but when tomorrow comes know that you will put the effort in and stay on top of that goal and give it 100%. I am definitely one to enjoy a few wobbly pops with friends here and there. But at the end of the week I know that my goals are always important and I need to keep them in reach and stay motivated to reach them.

No matter where you are on your road, make sure you turn the corner that leads you to a Happier and Healthier life.


Signing off,

Coach Scott


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