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Hey Team,

This will be a Blog about anything and everything in life. Depending on the wind will depend on what we will be talking about each week. We do not take any responsibilities for spelling mistakes, or content that makes no scene at all. We blame this on auto correct.

For the Opening regards I thought it would be a good idea to touch base on why we do what we do.

For years, I have known that I have a passion for helping people. Not just in fitness but just in general. Something as simple as holding a door for someone at the grocery store, giving a compliment to a stranger, or cracking a joke to someone in a line at the store to make them smile. These small little gestures make my day better.

I want you to think back on when you first walked into our gym. How you were feeling? What was running through your mind? What it felt like to do a Squat? How you felt after?…………Now, think back at all of those things the last time you were in……….I really hope that the difference between the first session and your last session, is Night and Day(the recent visit more enjoyable I hope). I am talking about all the small things that you really do not see/feel on a regular basis.

The why we do what we do, in my eyes is in the small wins. The Big changes that do not necessarily make you think, WOW I am getting better. But the small changes that really truly make you a happier/healthier person. It really makes me happy to think back on each and everyone’s fitness accomplishments and say when you first walked in you could not do this exercise. Now look, you are doing it no problem, pain free with the full range of motion. Your body is allowing you to do some much more then you ever dreamed of. These small but BIG things are the most important changes/improvements in my eyes. Now don’t get me wrong. Hitting a new PR on a big back squat, or a Clean and Jerk  is so Great and wickedly awesome. But in my eyes you being healthier and able to do anything you want to do anytime, anywhere pain free, that is the true accomplishment here. Being a better you each and every time you walk through those doors is our goal.

I really hope you have read this and looked back on where you started and where you are now. And don’t worry you haven’t mastered every exercise YET. You are truly able to say, I am so happy I have committed to myself, and the team to make me live a longer and healthier life. Now that is why we do what we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this might be me talking in my old wise age but I really believe this. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check in weekly for new view’s, and bad jokes.


Until next time,

Coach Grandpa Scott


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