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This will be a Blog about anything and everything in life. Depending on the wind will depend on what we will be talking about each week. We do not take any responsibilities for spelling mistakes, or content that makes no scene at all. We blame this on auto correct.

Bud’s Blog – First Post

I had a realization today in my training. A realization of something I have been doing subconsciously for quite some time. I am very aware of it now. Some of my favourite movements have regressed from where they were 2 months ago. I understand that these things happen in training and its part of the

The Open | CrossFit Games 2016

This is so exciting for Scott Carreira and I to see. 13 teammates signed up so far. THANK YOU everyone for choosing CrossFit Cobourg as your family and home to train. and for always participating in these fun events! It’s what makes fitness so fun and inclusive. If you have been on the fence on

Unstoppable: Cassidy Duffield

By Mariah Moore and Jay Vera ( “If you would’ve told me 10 months ago that I was going to compete in weightlifting in a national championship, I would’ve laughed and called you a liar because I just never thought that I could do something like that,” says Cassidy Duffield of Salt Lake City CrossFit.

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