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Stronger Together

Celebrating 10 Years of Making CrossFit fun and Accessible To Everyone

Get Fit

Make Friends

Have Fun

Community is the key to success. Believing in yourself is the start for a better you.

Who Should Do CrossFit?

Parents, students, adults, grandparents, teenagers, youth and professional athletes. Anyone and everyone will benefit from our CrossFit Program. We pride ourselves on giving feedback to all of our members during class, to promote consistent, long term growth. Our gym is focused on a team/group workout environment. These workouts are very different from the traditional “commercial gyms” model; almost no traditional machines to achieve an incredible and effective workout.

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We don't just care about fitness. We Care About You.

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As a team, as a family, as a unit, everyone starts and ends the workout together.

Our CrossFit class structure is 1 hour of jam packed action. The coach takes all athletes through the warm-up together, then strength and skills, before finally moving onto the workout of the day. The whole hour is led and monitored by the coach. Each and every session you will leave feeling empowered and stronger. As a team, as a family, as a unit, everyone starts and ends the workout together. Pushing, encouraging, and helping each other along the way. Everyone moves at their own pace and skill /strength level. At the end of each workout, you will be encouraged to stay behind and stretch those muscles out, preparing them for the next day/workout. Our easy to use software lets you reserve a spot in any open class slot that works best for your schedule.

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Ladies bootcamp

Each day we are impacting the lives of the women in our community through teaching them how to exercise. We teach you how to get to the next fitness level one workout at a time, one week at a time, one month at a time, one year at a time. And we have fun while doing it!


With our 5300 sq ft facility we are able to accommodate teams to come in and build team morale, while learning and engaging in a fun workout. Just going to the gym is good, but if you really want your team to dominate during the season you need something more.


This high intensity workout is as much about the community that participates as it is about improving fitness. Sharing in the accomplishment of what appears to be impossible workouts fuels you to try that little bit harder. Our strengths may be different but our attitudes can be the same.


This one hour class focuses on bringing awareness to our bodies. Every class will focus on a different area – shoulders, hips, hamstrings, spine, ankles, wrists, to name a few. The class typically follows a similar format – warm up, fascial conditioning, dynamic movements, and static stretching

Stronger Together.

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Meet The Coaches

Meet CrossFit Cobourg Co-Owners and head coaches Bud and Scott. Helping people realize what they are truly capable of.

Providing the necessary tools so that members can turn goals into realities creates one of the most fulfilling feelings possible. That’s what gets these guys out of bed everyday.

Ready To Start?

Experience why we're the Northumberland Readers Choice winner for Best Gym and best Bootcamp.

Step through our doors and you’ll meet some pretty awesome people, these people will soon become the reason you keep coming, they’ll become like family. In our space, everyone succeeds, and everyone genuinely wants to help you finish that last rep and get one step closer to YOUR goal.


Schedule a Drop-In and Come Check Us Out!

We’ll show you around, tell you more about how classes are structured, answer any questions you have, and you can view a class while they workout.


Enjoy the workout? Why not stay for a while!

Fill out the intake form, pick your membership level and we’ll get you set up with 3 one-on-one intro sessions.


Start your journey towards a healthier you!

Once you’ve had your intro workouts and feel comfortable with the program, download our class app, pick a class and get started!

As you get older, lack of exercise can lead to a variety of health issues including:

Muscles weakening and atrophy
Getting injured more easily
Weight gain
Feeling tired, stressed or depressed
Poor sleep habits
Illness & disease such as diabetes or heart problems

By adding just 30 minutes of exercise into your life 3 times a week you'll notice:

You have more energy
You feel happy more often
You physically feel stronger
You get injured less
You feel more positive
You have increased confidence

Achieve Results

Focus is placed on helping you achieve results no matter what class you choose.

Train at your pace

Inclusive programming adjusted to fit YOUR fitness level so you never feel out of place.

feel successful

Walk out the door after a workout feeling great about what you jut achieved!

Just get to the gym...

We'll Do The Rest.

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